Valsusa Filmfest: PROIEZIONI CONCORSO VIDEOCLIP MUSICALI Venerdì 23 aprile 2010 Cotonificio ...

Valsusa Filmfest: PROIEZIONI CONCORSO VIDEOCLIP MUSICALI Venerdì 23 aprile 2010 Cotonificio ...: "Venerdì 23 aprile 2010
Il Cotonificio Live Music - Frazione Vernetto 18/Q - Chianocco (TO)
ingresso gratuito

ore 21,00 - proiezione Videoclip della sezione Produzioni Amatoriale
ore 22,00 - Set elettroacustico con ALIENO DI VETRO
ore 22,30 - proiezione..."

Montaggio dei video: il corso fast

Montaggio dei video: il corso fast: "
Montaggio video

Montaggio video

Infor apre nuovi corsi dedicati al montaggio video e apre le porte alla formazione digitale aiutando tutti gli amanti del montaggio video a realizzare il proprio sogno e iniziare finalmente a creare i propri video affinando tutte le conoscenze sull’arte visiva e le funzioni del del montaggio audiovisivo. Uno degli strumenti utilizzati sarà il software operativo Adobe Premiere, software professionale e molto utile nell’apprendimento delle varie tecniche di editing.

Durante gli incontri verranno affrontate le fasi del montaggio dando maggiore importanza alla pratica: per le fasi di lavorazione del montaggio audio e video e nell’Authoring Dvd, usato per la compressione del filmato per il web.

La durata del corso sarà di 12 ore suddiviso durante gli appuntamenti organizzati per il 23, 30 aprile e 7, 14 maggio. Il costo sarà di 96 euro e la sede Infor è situata a San Secondo di Pinerolo. Gli incontri si terranno dalle 18.30 alle ore 21.30.

Per informazioni:, numero verde 800905056

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MEDIA SOLUTION-ON LINE IL primo singolo dal nuovo album !!!!!

ON LINE IL primo singolo dal nuovo album !!!!!:
"My Soul Still Burns, primo singolo dal nuovo album, "Orizzonte degli Eventi"
Formed 2001, in Turin, Italy

Current members: Tony Singer 1/Luca, Singer 2/Andy, Guitar/Ivan, Guitar/Francesco, Bass/Pierluigi, Drums

Heavily influenced by Sepultura, Slayer, Snot and other American metal bands throughout the years, Media Solution hail from Italy with music that’s packed with aggression, power & melody…

Beginning in 2001, Media Solution started off playing small clubs around Italy slowly building a fan base with their crossover music, gaining attention 2 years later from Italian label, Akom Prod., with their song, “Pejote”

Pejote was to become part of a compilation (Akompilation Vol.001) for the label, which was then distributed in Czech Republic, Slovakia, UK and Brazil. Being only their first single, Media Solution received rave reviews by several webzines, fanzine and radios and was even broadcasted in Australia for 4 weeks. By 2005 Pejote became part of the official playlist for the snowboard and freestyle teams (Fiat Freestyle Team) for Turin Olympic Winter Games 2006.

The summer of 2005 brought Media Solution the opportunity to take part in a contest organized by ChicoBum Festival in Borgaro (Italy) Among 13 bands Media Solution won a slot to play during Motorhead’s live shows in Borgaro By the fall of 2005 they headed into the studio to record their first full length album, The Drop Experiment, released online only, Media Solution headed out to a successful tour in support of their album.

June 2006 brought Media Solution the opportunity for being the only Italian band to play with Obituary, Agnostic Front, Madball & Caliban, in Italy’s summer festival DAYS OF THE DEAD.

Gaining momentum and popularity throughout Italy and Europe, 2007 brought them one of many milestones for the band including, becoming the official opening band for the one Italian date of Sepultura’s tour for their album Dante XXI. Signing to Sliptrick Records and recording their E.P. mastered by Sterling Sounds in New York by Ue Nastasi (Sepultura, Biohazard, Fear Factory etc...) and lastly, gaining a special guest spot on MTV Italy and SKY television with their song “No Business” for an Italian popular music shop called “Magazzino Musicale Merula”

Touring extensively in 2007, they took a break to record another album in 2008 and then came back full force to tour again in 2009. But 2009 would prove to be bittersweet, as they found themselves touring all over Europe for one month, until April brought the unfortunate death of their best friend and drummer, Livio, from a fatal motorcycle accident.

Despite the heartbreaking loss of their drummer, Media Solution decided that the band must play on. Armed with new members: 22 year old drumming prodigy: Pierluigi, brothers Ivan (guitar) & Francesco(bass) they make their first trip ever to Los Angeles, to record their new album, Horizon of Events, produced by Mikey Doling (Snot, Soulfly, Channel Zero)

Breaking into 2010 with new members and a new record, Media Solution is ready to conquer America with their crossover metal, and having already conquered Europe, there is no doubt they will break down any barriers & gain new fans with music that is in your face, aggressive, powerful and passionate!

Bands Media Solution have played live with: Sepultura, Obituary, Agnostic Front, Madball, Caliban, Born From Pain, Evergreen Terrace, Black Dahlia Murder, Machinemade God, First Blood, Bridge To Solace, Exilia and more.

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Componenti del gruppoTony "Buzzu" Fasullo : Vox
Andy Martis : Guitar
Luca Galietta : Vox
Pierluigi Ciaccio : Drums
Francesco Radaelli : Bass
Luca Ivan Radaelli : Guitar
InfluenzeMedia Solution supported by: